Valve Repair

It is our commitment to restore all valves and equipment sent to us to be repaired like a new condition. The following describe is process carried out by PT.Duta Katup Mas to reconditioning of valves or other equipment.


1. Visual Inspection


We do visual inspection to get valve data is relevant with document.

2. Marking


All external valve should be marking with hard stem before overhaul.

3. Pre-test


Before being repaired, all valves will be tested if need

4. Dismantling, Cleaning and Inspection


Each valve component should be dismantling , cleaning and inspect to know condition all component.

5. Joint Inspection


Each valve component should be inspect with client togather to know condition all component before repaire if required.

6. Machining


Based on inspection report, valve component will be remachined to refurbish the valve as original dimension.

7. Seating Faces


Seating faces are rebuilt where necessary by deposit welding using materials equivalent to the original seat.

8. Flange Faces


Flange faces are rebuilt and remachined where necessary to comply with the relevant standards of finish and dimensions for flange thickness and face-to-face.


9. Replace seal kit


All packing gland, gaskets , Oring , fire safe and bolting will be replaced with new parts confirming to the relevant standards.

10. Re-assemble and Testing


After being reassemble, all valves are visually inspected, checked for proper operation and pressure tested according to standard.

11. Painting


Unmachined exterior surfaces of a valve shall be coated in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard or client requirement.

12. Packaging


When packaging is not specified in the purchase order, valve may be shipped in palletized.

13. Certification


Test certificate will be supplied.

14. Quarantee


All valve which have repairing will get quarantee for 6 months.